The Worlds of K.D. Nielson

Hi all, this is K.D. Nielson, I would like to tell you all about my books. I have been writing and telling stories now for close to 30 years. Unfortunately I have not been able to get my work published by conventional means so I have put all my books on Amazon through Kindel. For those of you without a Kindle you can view the books on a Kindle reader for pc.

I am a 50 year old American now living in New Zealand since I immigrated in 1985. I originally came here in 1979 with the US Navy as part of Operation Deep Freeze. I spent seven years in the navy and did seven deployments to Antarctica. I have drawn on my navy time and experiences on the ice for some of my stories.

Since the earthquakes here in Christchurch I have been unable to find a job with all the thousands of people made unemployed when the hundreds of buildings in our city were destroyed. During this time I have been able to spend much more time on my greatest love, telling stories. I have drawn on my experiences from the months of frightening earthquakes, and used it as material for an authentic storyline in one of my books.

Currently, I have not been able to find a publisher, but I have a wealth of intrigue, love, betrayal, war and heroic deeds just waiting for an avid reader. I have finished several stories in one series and others in the world I have created. All these are just waiting to be sent to an interested publisher.

I am married to a lovely English woman, a schoolteacher and we have three sons. My wife has donated hours of her valuable time helping me with editing and reading manuscripts, and being very patient. I have also been working with a like-minded friend who is a fantasy fan and a very good writer in her own right. She has been helping me with extensive editing and rewriting. She is also a renowned artist and in another project connected to my books, she is working on sketches of the characters and creatures of my world.