Cassandra of Cr’Mere

Cassandra_1333x2000Cassandra, the beautiful mage and wife of King Bolinor has been kidnapped by enemies unknown. Bolinor is consumed by rage, determined to turn his world upside down to find her. When he does, he vows to kill those responsible. His hunt for his wife will uncover a conspiracy so great that it shrouds all the inhabitants of Menel Fenn. The small duchy of Cr’Mere seems to be where it all began and where the allies of Amberwine find themselves at war, fighting for their very survival. The victory will determine the outcome of the war, and the existence of everything King Bolinor holds dear. But when the real enemy is still unknown, how can they defeat the true evil that plots to use the mage Cassandra and the three swords to destroy the very fabric of time.



Cassandra of Cr’Mere by K. D. Nielson is a gorgeously vivid fantasy.…” – Reviews
Cassandra of Cr’Mere by K. D. Nielson is a fantasy epic at its best. The story holds up well against other made-classics, though Cassandra of Cr’Mere is actually the second book in a wonderful set of tales called The Lich War Series. However, this book also stands on its own as a solid piece of literature, regardless of being the second book, and that is impressive. The dialogue is smooth and rich and allows a new reader to become quickly familiar with the characters and who they each are. Readers coming back into this series will recognize the area around them with ease.
This is because the details, both physical and emotional are brilliantly portrayed. This is true for the details of the way the world itself works as well. For example, even the politics of this world become important in Cassandra’s life, bringing a new level of reality and believability to the plot. The reader will feel on an excitable edge as he or she attempts to unravel the complexity of this well woven story and uncover the mysteries and turns presented under and within all that vivid detail.
From the descriptions of a character’s bare feet touching the ground to descriptions of corridors and other, more spacious yet still highly detailed spaces, the reader can instantly feel a part of this story. This book is well thought out. Because of this, the stage is set for a beautifully written tale. Cassandra herself is a powerful mage, which has made her a target in this world where conflicts and war come from all sides as they twist and turn throughout the piece. The war at the center, underlying plot becomes the subject of a mystery story within this fantasy, adding another level to the enjoyment and discovery to be found within its pages. The second book of The Lich War Series, Cassandra of Cr’Mere by K. D. Nielson is a gorgeously vivid fantasy.


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