Amberwine_1333x2000Bolinor was a simple man, with simple tastes, so how was it that he became Commander of a small army when all he wanted was his own mercenary company? And to top it all off, how did it happen that he was in charge of the small kingdom, Amberwine, as well as all the people that decided to come and live there? The speed with which it had all happened still amazed him, and he missed the adventures he was able to go on when he had no ties, no commitments. Of course there were compensations, especially the beautiful, bewitching mage, Cassandra who had become the most important person in his life. She had totally captured his heart. But his idyllic world was soon shattered as the mad Lich Mavious sought to make all the lands his own. He was searching for three magical swords that would give him unlimited power and finally his ultimate goal of immortality. The trail of death and destruction that followed in his wake spilled over into other dimensions, other worlds, and a new race found its way to Amberwine. Together, they became allies, along with their former enemies, searching for a way to stop the rampage of the Lich before there was nothing of their world left to save.




Review by: Doug Morrison-Cleary                            on May 25, 2012             :                            starstarstarstar             I started out thinking this was just another ordinary D&D based fantasy novel. There was the noble mercenary and the mage, the healer and the spell that turned an innocent woman into a vampire (well, almost). But even as the book kept close to so many of the stereotypes, it had intrigue, plenty of interesting characters, and engaging plot-lines enough to keep me reading ‘page’ after ‘page’. If I have any criticisms, they would be that this epic style leaves little room for character development and all the races came together a little too easily. Still, it was a fun read and I have already bought Book 2 and Book 3!!! Read and enjoy…

4.0 out of 5 stars Amberwine- Book 1,April 10, 2012
This review is from: Amberwine (The Lich War Series) (Kindle Edition)

Amberwine is a great read, story speeds along at a fast pace with strong characters and an involved plot. I really enjoyed the mix of people brought into the story and how they carry forward and develop into the next two books in the trilogy. With an accidental discovery that gives the main character Bolinor a chance to be what he has always wanted to be; he finds himself thrown into a dastardly plot of deception and intrigue. It makes for a race against time to defeat the undead Lich who wants to wipe out the world and remake it in his own image. Three swords and a small band of strange allies are all that stands between the Lich Devron and the destruction of Bolinor’s world of Menel Fenn. Even though he is thrown into the role as a hero, Bolinor finds himself wondering at times, how on earth he got himself into this mess. I thoroughly enjoyed the read. Recommended.

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“A medieval adventure story which combines the many elements of intrigue, love, adventure and the magical, “Amberwine” is a must-read for the reader who desires a fresh approach to storytelling…….” – Reviews


Amberwine is a story that keeps the reader wondering what mythical character, sudden mishap, glorious battle or magic spell will appear next. It is an action-packed saga that mixes many genres including action, thriller, romance, sci-fi and mystery. The one thing it is not is a comedy – the war scenes, romantic interludes, and magical effects all somehow combine to form a wondrously magical and mythical but serious tale. The story begins with Bolinor, the main character, who tumbles into a hidden cave and discovers a treasure of gold and jewels which helps him get a new start after his life is in tatters after a battle gone bad. The key element in the cave that prevents this first chapter from being just another medieval story is the bones of a dragon. This is the reader’s first clue that this tale is not what it first may seem. The story unfolds as Bolinor creates his own medieval kingdom with his newfound fortune and begins to hire his own army to fight back at all the wrongs of his previous life. He surrounds himself with the strangest entourage to be found in any story. Cat people, elves and vampires join together with the human characters to create an unlikely group of people who come together to help fight the evil in the kingdoms around them. Sara has the power of using a lie detector spell and can teleport herself to any location, Telora, a 300-hundred year-old elf, is a healer and De Nera is covered in soft fur as a cat person – these are just a few of the many unusual companions of our main character. Bolinor’s real love is Cassandra, a woman who has been abused and wronged in her past who must now learn how to love and trust her benefactor. This book will appeal to those who want an escape from the real world. The reader is immersed in episodes filled with magical spells, invisible ships, healing potions and swords with astounding supernatural powers.


There is never a dull moment as the story progresses from bloody battle scenes to touching bedroom scenes to carnivorous orgies. What especially stands out throughout this story is the amazing strength of the female characters. It is refreshing to see females portrayed as adventurers and defenders of those in their charge and the men they love. And not only are they strong and independent but strikingly beautiful in their own individual ways. All the women, even though they are very different in temperament and appearance, unite to assist with Bolinor’s cause. If you want a book that mixes the middle ages, mythology, vampires, griffins and elves all into one spirited and fast-moving story, this is the book for you. On one page, you will be reading the accounts of a fierce battle and on the next, a tender love scene. Surprises await the reader with the turn of each page and the ending is perfect – leading to possibly another, future tale of magic, mystery and the Middle Ages.


A Drunken Druid’s View by Sara Knight

 Review of K.D. Nielson’s “Amberwine”

 I am a prolific reader, of many different genres, and I have to say this was an excellent story. loved  the description of the battles and fights, the author brought me right into the action. The author deliver’s some of the best fantasy in the market. I would recommend this book to everyone because of the intriguing characters and great story plots. The author’s story telling style kept the story moving and the plot twisting. I really like the way he developed the storyline, it was both exciting and believable. With each page I could hardly wait to see how it would all came together. Well done! A well crafted and explosive start to an exciting series





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