The Confederated Kingdoms of Bree, Tales of Menel Fenn Book 4


“The Confederated Kingdoms of Bree is a fun and page-turning read that is sure to delight all fantasy fans.” – Reviews


The Confederated Kingdoms of Bree is a fantasy adult novel as enchanting and rich as the other works of K. D. Nielson. Set in a lovingly constructed world filled with Elves, Kingdoms, traitors, and odd creatures called Sticks, this book was a joy to escape into. We are first introduced to Ceara, a strong-willed female heroine who is aboard the Onanaga, a Dwarven airship that is in itself a technological marvel. Her childhood friend, the beautiful and passionate Ana, accompanies Ceara on this aerial journey. A formal dinner onboard the airship among passengers reveals hostile connections and dark pasts, as well as the potential for a fiery romance.


As if things hadn’t gotten complicated enough, there comes sign of an impending invasion unknown air fleets were dispatched from the surrounding mountains, and seem to be approaching the Onanaga. The unknown visitors appears to be a non-human species called the Sticks, who demand to be taken seriously with their scythe-like limbs. Their request for Memory brings Ana’s secret closer to the surface, and Ana’s mysterious history is unveiled. The Sticks also reveal an impending disaster upon the Kingdom of LeFor, and the crew of the Onanaga must evacuate the city before it is too late.


Along with the adventures and struggles of the Onanaga’s heroic crew, a long-suppressed romance between Ceara and a member of the crew is revealed, as well as Ana’s murky history. Ana finds herself faced with an important decision to make one that is based on the past and will challenge the future. The Confederated Kingdoms of Bree boasts excellent character development. The story consists of a number of likable heroes and heroines, each intertwined in delightful romantic subplots. It is fulfilling to watch the characters grow throughout the story and work toward making their dreams come true.


The story world is rich and chockfull of flavor; from the Sticks to the Breed, readers are sure to be mesmerized by the fantastical creatures this world has to offer. Plot twists will surprise any reader and enhance the reading experience. All in all, The Confederated Kingdoms of Bree is a fun and page-turning read that is sure to delight all fantasy fans. K. D. Nielson has grown tremendously as an author and continues to enthrall his readers with rich and magical worlds of fantasy.




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