Osey, Tales of Menel Fenn Book 1

“Nielson’s sensitivity to the emotions of his characters as they go through the many challenges thrust at them on a daily basis is truly intuitive and compelling……….” – GoodbooksToday.com Reviews
Osey is a fantasy novel that leads the reader on fast-paced adventures, romantic love scenes and battles involving dragons and other mythical creatures. Landmarks include castles, underground pathways and dungeons, shipwrecks, makeshift laboratories and cozy cabins. The classic war of good against evil rages its way through the pages of this action-packed story. Darcy, the strongest character throughout the story, is washed mysteriously ashore as a young girl. She lives with Terin and his teenage son Jeremiah and forms a strong attachment to the young man. As the story evolves, she becomes much stronger as a person and her love for Jeremiah grows as she struggles to recall who she is and where she came from.
The continuing theme throughout Nielson’s work is that of strong women who withstand everything life and love throws at them. Throughout the story, it is Remi and Darcy who take the forefront in fighting their own battles as well as those of others. Both have the ability to morph into dragons to fight their foes and mate with their chosen men. Other women, Stephanie, Emily and Tara display similar strong characteristics and astound those around them with their stamina, courage and intuition. The men continue to appear and react to events around them but otherwise seem to stay in the background and let the women take on the world. Most of all, Osey is a love story. The main couples involved Darcy and Jeremiah, Remi and Terin, and Tara and Sam all go through the same struggles, hurts and challenges that modern day couples find themselves dealing with. The fact that some of their children are hatched from eggs, their mating is done in the air while they are morphed into dragons and they are accompanied by mini flying dragons does not hide the fact that they are realistic characters with the same emotions and feelings as individuals have today.
Near the end of the book, characters from another Nielson saga Amberwine, along with its main character, Bolinor, intertwine themselves with the events of this story, making the reading of Nielson’s stories even more intriguing. Readers who enjoy fantasy fiction that is also combined with other genres including romance, action and adventure will find Nielson’s work to be a top choice. There is never a dull moment as the pages are turned and the readers drawn into fierce action and then tender love scenes and back to jarring battle scenes. Nielson’s sensitivity to the emotions of his characters as they go through the many challenges thrust at them on a daily basis is truly intuitive and compelling.


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