Fool’s Quest

In Fool’s Quest we follow a group of adventurers lead by Brendan d’Arcy, a soldier, compelled by magic, to go to the aid of the Grey Elves.  They battle to keep The Cold Stone, which corrupts all things Elven, out of the hands of the Chaos Army, and save the Unicorn Queen. We follow the intrepid band as they build a ship of revolutionary design to challenge the Whirlpool, which has meant destruction for any other ship that has been caught in its deadly embrace. Along the way Fool’s Quest deals with the courage and camaraderie that the crew and passengers forge in order to survive. We see Brendan, who is smitten by a picture of a beautiful woman and we follow Tilly a young woman with a dubious past who comes face to face with a dark family secret while lost hundreds of feet below ground as they seek the Blood Heart Cave. It is the magic in this cave, which is needed to destroy the Cold Stone, thus releasing the elven kingdom of the corruption that ensnares it. The friends, true and loyal, find the evil that pursues them will stop at nothing to recover the sacred stone.




“Fool’s Quest by Kevin Nielson is a solid tale of fantasy and adventure..” – Reviews
Kevin Nielson’s book Fool’s Quest is a wonderful example of well put together modern literature. Poetic and flowing, the writing itself grabs hold of the reader’s attention throughout the story. While most fantasy pieces are overdrawn or garbled with unbelievable and distracting details, this instead is a story that surpasses expectation of the genre. The history of the world is set up very quickly in the beginning, as well as restated and reinforced throughout the story. The world is made up of beings, which understand that world, and therefore fit exquisitely well. Nothing feels out of place or forced, but instead effortlessly intact. Even the names are easy to understand and this also helps the entire tale be read as a believable world to become immersed within. With the Unicorn Court and the more romantic scenes, there is an air of whimsy within this otherwise fairly serious tale. The reader feels for the characters without feeling distanced. The audience is allowed to sit by these characters and almost have a conversation with them while reading.
The descriptions of the world itself remain rich and well rounded without the need for wordy explanations of nothing like many other stories by other authors. The reader can feel the cobble-stoned streets mentioned with ease. Almost unexpected for the genre, this tale holds up as a strong story for any fan of reading, regardless of preferred genre. The battle scenes are that of a war novel and that makes it all the more easy to believe. The characters have humor and entire lives to be lived within this book. As such, while the reader may only hear about a small portion of it all during the duration of the story itself, the reader is made so blissfully aware of these outside lives and pasts that another story set within this world is instantly hoped for. Fool’s Quest by Kevin Nielson is a solid tale of fantasy and adventure.- – Reviews

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