A Line in the Sand

LineintheSand_1333x20002013_silver_winner “Just as the other books in the series so skilfully accomplish, this third book, A Line in the Sand carries the plot effortlessly through a beautifully detailed and tenderly expressed terrain of fantasy……..” – GoodbooksToday.com Reviews

The war now over, it should have been time to recoup, recover, and heal old injuries. But without warning, Devron makes his final move: the Emperor of the Wild Elf nation is killed in an ambush and the first sword of power is captured. The Drow Civil war finally won, but with the victory, their sword is lost as well. Then the final blow falls when the High Elf Prince searches for a traitor, but instead, he is attacked and his sword is stolen. All begins to seem lost as Queen Cassandra is drawn into the Shadow Realm with those who have been touched by the deadly Shadow Magic.

At last the evil Lich Devron has gained possession of the three swords of power. Finally he can remake the world the way he wants, removing those who have constantly plagued him. The stage is set. The pieces are in place. The people of Menel Fenn hold their breath. The evil Lich Devron begins the ritual … the air shimmers … he speaks his wish …



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