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Hi all, this is K.D. Nielson I have been writing and telling stories now for over 30 years.

My father was a professor of Civil Engineering and as a result my family moved a fair bit around the United States, Utah, New Mexico, Colorado My mother and five siblings live in Utah.

I have drawn on my experiences as a Petty Officer in the American Navy making 7 trips to Antarctica, as part of Operation Deep Freeze home ported in California. I immigrated to Christchurch, New Zealand where I served for 16 years as a prison officer, and 5 years as a security officer in a mental health hospital. My wife and family and I have endured 8 major earthquakes and over 14,000 after shocks. Yet, in spite of everything, I am still sane.

I have drawn on these experiences and jobs as material for my books.

I am married to a lovely English girl, a schoolteacher, and we have three sons, one who seems to keep coming back, and kind of cramps my style.

I have a wealth of intrigue, love, betrayal, war and heroic deeds just waiting for an avid reader. All my books are available on Amazon through Kindle, and Smashword and Createspace’s print on demand.

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