Sand Racer – Reviewed by Book Viral

My review from Book Viral on Sand Racer, my newest Tale of Menel Fenn story, how cool is this.



To the people of Gemma Arenae and the Southern Empire, Sand Racers are the heroes and celebrities of the day, with their heart-stopping, death-defying races across the BurningDesert into the Devils Heart. It requires a certain kind of grit and tenacity, split second reactions and a deep understanding of the desert itself, to challenge the swiftly changing landscape. But what is more heart-stopping and death-defying is when Nicolas, the Blue Rider, and his friend, Carver, the Yellow Rider, get caught up in political intrigue that will ultimately take the empire to the brink of civil war.


Embracing the spirit of fantasy and adventure, Sand Racer by KD Nielson is Book Six in the Tales of Menel Fenn series, with political intrigue and a forthcoming war setting the scene for a tumultuous tale. A tale in which Nielson takes obvious delight, there is a distinctly satisfying meticulousness with which he has imagined his world. Not only taking great pains with descriptions that bring a Saharan feel to his distant setting, but in creating cultural traditions and insightfully nuanced characteristics that are both enthralling and plausible. There is a gritty realism that links the nature of the land to the characteristics of his protagonists and it makes for interesting dynamics as his well-constructed plot evolves. Adding complexity to his characters and a moral environment which brings a welcome real world influence to the fore whilst his intriguing plot notably avoids predictability.


A clever and highly entertaining fantasy read, Sand Racer demands the other books in this series are read and certainly deserves a place on your bookshelf. It is highly recommended.

Reviewed by Book Viral